Interesting Facts About Wasps

Spheksophobia is the fear of wasps.Wasp, Mindarie , Western Australia

The Tarantula Hawk wasp is the largest wasp in the world and has been adopted as the official insect of New Mexico. It has a wingspan of roughly 12cm (5in) . So what is the smallest wasp? This award goes to Dicopomorpha echmepterygis a parasitic wasp which is only a tenth of a millimeter in size. Interestingly the male Dicopomorpha echmepterygis are blind and wingless, which probably explains why nobody has adopted it as their official insect.

The charming Ichneumon wasp lays its eggs inside other insects, as it guarantees the little ones have a great food source when they hatch.

There is an old British superstition that if you kill the first wasp you see during any season you will have good luck and freedom from enemies for that month.

The hornet was the symbol or crest of the Egyptian Pharaohs.

The 43rd Fighter Squadron who became known as "Hornets", have a Vespa Maculata, or American "Yellow Jacket," (the most formidable of all wasps) as their emblem.

Wasps are responsible for more deaths in the United States than snakes, scorpions and spiders combined.