Myths, Legends and Folklores About Ladybirds

Myths, legends and folklores about ladybirdsThe name Lady Beetle has been used in England for over 600 years and was believed to be named after the "Virgin Mary". Legend has it that during the middle ages swarms of insects had begun to destroy food crops. The farmers prayed to the Virgin Mary for help and soon afterwards thousands of ladybirds came to devour the crop destroying pests. The farmers named these insects the "Beetles of Our Lady" and eventually over time they became known as Lady Beetles and later Ladybirds.

Ladybird, ladybug, Western AustraliaLadybirds are considered to be a sign of good luck in many cultures.

In France if a ladybird lands on you, your ailments will fly off with the ladybird.

In Belgium if a ladybird crawls across a young girls hand she will marry within the year.

In Switzerland children are told they are delivered to their parents by ladybirds not storks.

In Norse legend the ladybird came to earth on a bolt of lightning.

In the 1800's ladybirds were used to treat measles and toothaches.