Ladybird Trivia

Interesting Facts About Ladybirds

Ladybird TriviaIn 1999 four ladybirds were sent to space on a NASA space shutttle to see if the ladybirds would prey on aphids in a zero gravity environment. The experiment successfully proved that in space or in zero gravity the ladybird could and would eat the pests.

The name Lady Beetle has been used in England for over 600 years and was believed to be named after the "Virgin Mary".

In the 1800's ladybirds were used to treat measles and toothaches.

There are six states in America that have the ladybird (ladybug) as their state insect they are Delaware, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio and Tennessee.

It seems ladybirds are the most handled in the insect world as people know they are harmless.