Order : Orthoptera (straight winged)

Family : Tettigoniidae


Katydid, Insect,The Katydids are those green looking insects (often mistaken for a small grasshopper) that just love nothing better than living in your garden. They are also responsible for singing under the cover of night. The Katydids belong to the order Orthoptera, along with crickets and grasshoppers and date back some 300 million years to the Carboniferous Period. There are over 20,000 species of Orthoptera in the world. Funny enough the Katydids got their name from the sound made by a North American species. They are also known as bush crickets or long horned grasshoppers.

Distinguishing Features

Katydid, hind legs,Katydids are more closely related to the cricket than the grasshopper as they have long antennae, which often exceeds their body length. They are usually green and look very similar to their habitat. The males (and some females) of this species have special sound producing organs (stridulation) located on the hind angles of their front wings which are responsible for making, what some humans claim, sounds like "Katy did, Katy didn't". These sharp click sounds are a form of communication and nothing to do with "katy" !. The sound is made by scraping their wings across their hind legs. The Katydids have veined leaf like front wings which are used as excellent camouflage. Some even have colored hindwings which they can flash at enemies to scare the living daylight out of them. 


Katydid, InsectIf you are green and look like a leaf the best place to live is on a plant, don't you think?. Safe from predators and well enough camouflaged to hunt their prey in peace, the Katydids live on grasses and leafy plants.

Eating Habits

Most Katydids have eat a healthy diet of leaves, bark and seeds with some, however, liking to chew on the occasional snail, lizard or fellow insect.

Note to Humans

Yes, these little creature do bite and can deliver a painful pinch if provoked.